PIK 93/PIK93

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CAS Number : 593960-11-3
Alternative Names: PIK93

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PIK 93 selectively inhibits the type III PI 4-kinase enzyme, and small interfering RNA-mediated down-regulation of the individual PI 4-kinase enzymes



1. A Pharmacological Map of the PI3-K Family Defines a Role for p110 in Insulin Signaling. Zachary A. Knight, Beatriz Gonzalez, Morri E. Feldman, Eli R. Zunder, David D. Goldenberg, Olusegun Williams, Robbie Loewith, David Stokoe, Andras Balla, Balazs Toth, Tamas Balla, William A. Weiss, Roger L. Williams and Kevan M. Shokat     Cell, Volume 125, Issue 4, 733-747, 2006

2. Discovery of Drug-Resistant and Drug-Sensitizing Mutations in the Oncogenic PI3K Isoform  p110 . Eli R. Zunder, Zachary A. Knight, Benjamin T. Houseman, Beth Apsel and Kevan M.   Shokat.     Cancer Cell, Volume 14, Issue 2, 180-192, 12 August 2008

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