About Us

Symansis is a company that produces high quality reagents for the use of researchers in the field of cell biology, including cell signaling research and drug discovery. A recurring theme is post translational modification; changes to the molecule to give the activated form or to ensure full functionality.

This includes the field of cell signaling where its products are of particular use in drug discovery for example in the analysis of the effects of potential drug compounds on the activation of intra-cellular kinases. There is also a range of inhibitors with known effects on cell signaling molecules to help the researcher.


Human cell expressed proteins are available for sale complete with all the glycosylation moieties that ensure full physiological function. These proteins are of interest in the fields of inflammation, cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer.

A range of assay kits is also in the pipeline for the measurement of analytes of interest in the field of cellular control and with physiological importance in the fields mentioned above.

Symansis has a philosophy of delivering high quality products that meet the researchers' needs and of providing good customer service and technical back-up.

The company was founded by a group of leading cancer research scientists from the UK, USA and New Zealand, who now form its Scientific Advisory Board, and this has allowed the company to develop its products with the guidance of their scientific knowledge and their awareness of what researchers are looking for. This high level of research excellence has been combined with an in-house team with expertise in all the areas of product development, manufacturing, quality control and sales and marketing. The company is situated in modern facilities, with GMP manufacturing, in the South Island of New Zealand. This is also the location for the production of one of its key raw materials; the antibodies and here they can be produced in the local pure disease-free environment for which the country is famous.

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