Inhibitor Arrays

Easy50â„¢ Arrays are arrays of serial dilutions of drugs that are known to specifically target certain cell signalling molecules. These can be directly applied to enzyme or cell-based assays to achieve a final concentration that spans the EC50 and IC50 appropriate for the molecular target of that drug. Using the information generated the researcher can quickly determine whether a particular cell signaling pathway is involved in the biological process being studied. The format of the array is a 96-well microplate containing 12 columns, each with one or more inhibitor, and 8 rows, each containing progressive dilutions of that inhibitor, except for the final row, which is left empty as a negative control. The dilutions for each inhibitor range from approximately one-tenth of that inhibitor’s IC50to one hundred times the IC50

Catalog: IAM001   Size: 96 Well Plate
Catalog: IAP002   Size: 96 Well Plate
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