Tag-Free Proteins

Receptor Fc-Chimera             Ligand
No Tag  
Symansis Proteins (hcx)
Symansis Proteins (hcx)


Symansis utilises conventional chromatography purification techniques to purify its hcx proteins. Non-tag based affinity chromatography techniques are used to purify our hcx ligands. 

While peptide or other tags can facilitate protein purification or immunoassay, they can also prevent the correct folding of proteins, or be internalised, rendering them ineffective for purification or immunoassay and can potentially affect protein function. 

Tags can be highly immunogenic. For instance, the production of antibodies against a target protein can be hindered if the target protein contains a tag. This can be due to antibodies being generated against the tag instead of other epitopes in the non-tag portion of the protein, thus delaying immunoassay development. 

Even without the use of tags for purification, our proteins exhibit purity greater than 95% by SDS-PAGE and visualised by silver stain, with most proteins >97% pure.

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