Multi Kinase Array (MKA) Elisas

Symansis's Multi-Kinase phospho-ELISA Array (MKA) allows you to simultaneously assay for activation of multiple kinases on a single ELISA plate. The MKA is designed as a qualitative assay designed to measure the relative changes in phosphorylation on specific protein targets under differing experimental conditions.

The Multi-Kinase ELISA (MKA) is a strip plate format that allows you to mix and match assays for up to 6 different kinases on a single plate. Alternatively, you can just get a whole plate with a single assay. With each order you can design a kit that assays the 1 to 6 different kinases that you are interested on a single ELISA plate.

Each kit contains a microtiter ELISA plate with 12 removable 8-well strips and all reagents needed to perform the assays. Each strip of 8 wells contains antibodies for a specific kinase. The strips are color coded so you can easily identify which kinase assay it is used for.

You have the flexibility to choose which kinase assays to include on the microtiter plate when ordering the kit. At least two 8-well strips for any phosphokinase assay must be ordered on a plate, which enables up to 6 different assays to be included on any specific plate.

Our MKA kits are easier and faster than traditional western blots (NEW 2.5 hour protocol), have a significantly greater dynamic range and sensitivity than western blots, can operate with much less sample (5-20 micrograms total protein), and are more cost-effective than westerns with up to six data points per assay if desired.

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