Alvocidib, Flavopiridol, HMR-1275, L868275

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CAS Number : 146426-40-6
Alternative Names: Flavopiridol, HMR-1275, L868275

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Alvocidib is a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor under clinical development for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. It has been studied also for the treatment of arthritis[1] and atherosclerotic plaque formation.

1. Sekine C, Sugihara T, Miyake S, et al. (February 2008). "Successful treatment of animal models of rheumatoid arthritis with small-molecule cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors". J. Immunol. 180 (3): 1954–61. PMID 18209094.

2. Meshel AS, Ruef J, Hu Z, Horaist C, Ballinger CA, Thompson LJ, Subbarao VD, Dumont JA, Patterson C. (August 1999). "Flavopiridol inhibits smooth muscle cell proliferation in vitro and neointimal formation In vivo after carotid injury in the rat." Circulation 10 (100): 659–65. PMID 10441105.

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