MKA Denaturing Lysis Buffer

Catalog Number: CLB001
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Size: 1 Kit, 96 Well
Species Reactivity : All Species
Application : ELISA, WB
Format : Liquid
Alternative Names: Lysis Buffer, Urea Buffer

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The Symansis MKA™ Denaturing Lysis buffer at 1X concentration is intended to be used as the direct cell/tissue lysis buffer for samples prepared for use in Symansis’ MKA™ ELISA assays. The buffer can be used directly on washed fresh cell cultures. It contains powerful denaturing agents, non-ionic detergents, and proteinase and phosphatase inhibitors that have been specially prepared to give optimal performance in our MKA™ ELISA assays
Kit Contents:
6x 1.8 ml vials of dried 10x concentrated buffer (Store at -20°C) 1x 60 ml bottle of 1x Buffer Diluent (Store at 4°C) 1x Product sheet








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