P-Selectin - Fc Chimera

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Size: 25 µg, 50 µg
Uniprot Nu : P14151
Species Reactivity : Human
Host : Human, HEK Cell Expessed

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P-selectin (Plasma Selectin), a member of the Selectin family of cell adhesion molecules, is important in the recruitment of leukocytes to the site of injury during inflammation. Following stimulation with thrombin, histamine, PMA or peroxides P Selectin is released from granules within endothelial cells and is then translocated to the cell surface. P-Selectin binds to P-selectin glycoprotein ligand1 (PSGL1) present on myeloid cells, neutrophils, monocytes and lymphocytes. P-Selectin is involved in the initial interaction of circulating leucocytes with the endothelium at sites of inflammation. Acting with L-Selectin and E-selectin, P-Selectin causes the extravasation of the white blood cell through the blood vessel wall into the extracellular matrix tissue.


Tags: 7008H, 7008I, P14151

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