IL-10 R α - Fc Chimera

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Size: 40 µg
Uniprot Nu : Q13651
Species Reactivity : Human
Host : Human, HEK Cell Expessed

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Symansis' purified IL-10 R alpha - Fc Chimerahcx contains N-linked and probably O-linked oligosaccharides, shown by a drop in observed MW on SDS-PAGE after treatment with PNGase F and a further drop in observed MW on SDS-PAGE after treatment with a glycosidase cocktail. Symansis' IL-10 R alpha - Fc Chimerahcx consists of 5-40% carbohydrate by weight.

Densitometry of protein isoforms visualised by 2-DE. Spot trains are normal in human proteins and highlight the presence of multiple isoforms which differ according to their level of post-translational modification. The triangle indicates the theoretical MW and pI of the protein.

1D SDS-PAGE of Symansis' hcx protein before and after treatment with glycosidases to remove oligosaccharides. A drop in the observed MW after treatment indicates the presence of glycosylation.

1. Mocellin S, et al. (2004) Cytokine Growth Factor Rev. 15: 61-76.




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